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Understanding x-rays at our dentist office

Trusted, modern x-ray dental services in plano

A t Shifa Dental, one of our dental services we offer to Plano patients is X-rays. Our dentists use this technique to understand and diagnose oral problems that may not be visible to the human eye. X-Rays help our dentists see the root of your teeth, locate cavities, check the gums for periodontal diseases, observe developing teeth, and check the area around each tooth. Additionally, our Texas dentist office uses X-Rays to monitor the overall health of the patient’s mouth. X-Rays can act as both a preventative measure as well as a diagnostic process.
Included in our Plano dental services, we have a variety of dental X-Ray options available at Shifa Dental. Different types of X-Rays show our dentists different information, so the specific X-Ray chosen will depend on the patients’ condition. Some of the determining factors for choosing an X-Ray include the condition, severity, and likeliness of the disease to spread. Our patients can count on our dental care expertise to order the right X-Ray to correctly solve their dental problem. We take this step very seriously to eliminate any future risk or issue.

The most four common X-rays ordered for patients at our Texas dentist office are:

  • Bitewing X-Ray: This X-Ray enables your Plano dentist to take a closer look at your posterior teeth. Bitewing X-rays show your dentist how these teeth occlude with one another. With the results of this X-Ray, your dentist analyzes whether any deformity is present in between the teeth at the back.
  • Periapical X-Ray: This X-Ray is prescribed when your dentist is concerned about the structure of a tooth. The result of this X-Ray shows the complete tooth, from crown to the last bone that supports the tooth.
  • Occlusal X-Ray: Generally, this type of X-Ray is performed on children as it shows the development of adult and baby teeth. This helps your dentist analyze any dental care problems during early development of the teeth.
  • Panoramic X-Ray: A Panoramic X-Ray is prescribed when your dentist wishes to see a clear, panoramic image of your teeth, nasal area, jaws and their joints, and sinuses.

Other than the aforementioned X-rays, Shifa Dental, your trusted Plano dentist office, has a wide range of other X-Ray and dental care options available.