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Rest assured, dentures are very comfortable to apply. Our patients regularly report an improved lifestyle after getting dentures. After applying the dentures, our dentists will schedule a few mandatory follow-up appointments. During these visits, they will monitor the status of your gums, dentures, and your overall oral health. If they feel there is any issue with your gums, or if they suspect any sign of periodontal disease, they will explain the precautionary measures you should take. When patients follow their dentist’s suggestions, they can easily eliminate the risk of being prone to any oral diseases. Additionally, your dentist will provide a dental kit with necessary aids to help with your dentures. Your dentist will explain the exact steps to follow to clean your new dentures and discuss the do’s and don’ts to follow.

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Contact Shifa Dental Plano today at 469-507-3786 to schedule your free initial denture consultation. During this time, you will meet with one of our qualified dentists to create a comprehensive and individualized plan that provides you with dentures that are absolutely perfect for you. We will provide you with an informed and experienced opinion about all of your options for missing teeth..