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Expert periodontal dental care in Plano, TX

T o put it simply, periodontal diseases cause gum problems. These problems, once caught, are very difficult to treat. Periodontists help their patients by reducing or eliminating periodontal diseases. Periodontists receive additional training in performing surgical as well as non-surgical therapies to cure their patients’ oral problems.

At Shifa Dental in Plano, we have the best-in-class periodontists who have tons of experience in carrying out these dental care therapies. They have received education from renowned universities, and they are completely aware of each and every periodontal problem. They have been acknowledged and appreciated by several organizations for their expertise. Patients refer others to experience the absolute perfection of our periodontal dental services for all their periodontal problems.

Non-Surgical Dental Care Options

At Shifa Dental, we provide non-surgical dental care treatments, laser treatment, gum graft surgery, dental crown lengthening, plastic surgery procedures, regenerative procedures, dental implants, and pocket reduction procedures.

If a patient can be cured without surgery, we will give priority to non-surgical procedures. Non-surgical procedures include scaling and root planning, tray delivery systems. In the scaling and root planning procedure, our trusted Plano periodontists will clean the root of the tooth in order to remove harmful substances, such as tartar. This careful cleaning usually eliminates the requirement for surgery. Of course, patients must continue visiting their Plano dentist to monitor the health of their teeth and roots. In tray delivery systems, patients transfer the periodontists-prescribed medications to their mouth via a customized tray. Other than these dental care methods, your periodontist may recommend using night-guards and bite-guards as part of nonsurgical treatment.

Surgical Dental Care Options

Our Plano periodontists use surgical dental care procedures to reduce the space between teeth and their gums, to prepare the gums for implants, to reproduce soft as well as hard tissues, to fill indentations, to increase the surface of teeth, and to prepare your jaw for any other surgical process.

To figure out which periodontal therapy will work best for you, make an appointment with the Plano dental care experts today at Shifa Dental.