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Shifa Dental

1Do all of your dentists have valid licenses and certifications?
Yes, our dentists have the valid licenses to treat the dental problems of the patients. We review their licenses and certifications before adding them to the family of Shifadental.
2Do you accept each insurance plan?
Yes, we accept almost every major insurance plan. However, one must contact us to verify their insurance plan before making an appointment.
3I wish to get teeth cleaning done. Could I make an appointment?
Yes. You may fix the appointment with our hygienist. They will perform oral health examination wasting no time.
4Is there any necessity of performing X-Rays?
We recommend the usage of X-Rays to take a deep look at teeth and gums of the patients. This helps us in determining and fixing the problems, which are not visible to human eye.
5I am a parent. Can I bring my children to your clinic for their dental issues?
Of course. We offer pediatric services; these are targeted towards treating children.
6Do you accept new patients?
Of course. We welcome new patients in our clinic. One must fix an appointment before coming to the clinic, and our staff will explain them all the requirements. They will discuss their payment options with them and will identify whether their insurance can cover their treatment.
7If I have no insurance plan, can I still come to Shifadenal to receive treatment?
Absolutely. We, at Shifadental, believe in caring for individuals, irrespective of their financial status. Therefore, we have multiple payment options available. One can pay using credit card, debit card, and other options. You may refer to the payment section of the website to explore your options. Also, we have many promotional offers to provide discount to our patients.
8If I am pregnant, can I still come to Shifadental to receive dental treatment?
Yes, you may. However, we require your doctor to provide you a written permission, mentioning that you may receive dental treatment. For the safety of yourself and your child, we cannot perform all the surgical processes and treatments. Nevertheless, you may receive basic dental treatments.
9Are there any risks?

We care for our patients; therefore, an institutional review board reviews everything we do. A team of medical professionals and other knowledgeable review each medical study that we do. Only after their approval, we proceed to include it into our practice.

Even for the volunteers, we have strict ‘reveal every fact’ policy. We discuss and explain every probable side effect before including them to our studies. Throughout the process, we observe their reaction to the medicine and provide them necessary treatment to cure their problem.

Even the dose prescribed to the patient, is reviewed to ensure that they do not feel any discomfort after taking the medications, A few surgical procedures may require the patients to stay away from food for a while. However, this is only a temporary requirement, and a precautionary step. Within a few hours, the patient may go back to living their life normally.

If there are any unanswered question in our FAQ page, feel free to contact us.