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Understanding crowns and dental bridges

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A crown acts as a cap, which your dentist will use to fill the decayed portions of a tooth. Crowns protect the normal functioning of a tooth. Your dentist may prescribe a crown to address issues such as a chipped tooth or an excessively decayed tooth. A dentist will also use a crown to fill the gap created after a root canal surgery. Crowns eliminate the build up of bacteria due to vacant space created between two teeth, due to any reason. In cases of minor decay, dentists may prescribe other solutions such as veneers, bonding, etc. However, if the tooth is severely affected, the dentist will suggest the application of crown.

At Shifa Dental, our experience in implementing crowns for our patients is unparalleled. Generally, during the patient’s first visit, their dentist will send a molded replica of the patient’s tooth to the lab. Lab technicians will then prepare a suitable crown for the patient’s mouth. During this visit, the dentist fixes a temporary crown to the patient until their permanent crown is ready. This ensures that the patient does not run the risk of being affected by bacteria. We are known for our fast service, and within a few days, we contact the patient to schedule an appointment to have their new permanent crown put in place.

The most popular types of crowns among our patients are:

Gold Crown | All-Porcelain Crown | Porcelain Fused To Metal Crown

Gold crowns are prescribed to the patients who have problems with grinding and clenching their teeth and jaws. This is the most durable crown material when compared to other types of crowns. However, this crown is not popular among patients due to the fact that it is so noticeable.

The rest of the crowns are not easily visible to the human eyes, and therefore they are very popular among patients.

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Dental Bridges

Dentists utilize dental bridges to fill the gap created due to missing teeth. Dentures and implants may also be used to serve the same purpose; however, your dentist will decide the suitable option after evaluating the current condition of your mouth. The appearance of one’s face, hindrance in normal speech, etc. are just a few of the effects of losing one’s tooth or teeth.

Once your dentist explains that dental bridges are the most suitable option for your mouth, they will select the appropriate material from a variety of materials. Our dentists explain the pros and cons associated with each of the materials, and then the choice is left up to the patient. Patients may consider their budget, insurance coverage, and other options while making the selection of material. Depending on the severity of one’s problem, dentists may take X-Rays to see exactly what the client needs.

The preparation of dental bridges requires molding and shaping the material in an exact replica, as that of the patient’s teeth structure. Even the slightest difference may cause future gum related diseases. To ensure that the patient does not suffer the consequences while the preparation of dental bridges is in progress, dentists apply a temporary bridge to the patient’s gum. Once the bridges are fabricated, patients receive another call from Shifa Dental to fix and cement the bridge into the place where the temporary bridge was applied.

Here at Shifa Dental, we are famous for our fast response time. This means that our patients do not need to wait a long time to get their permanent bridges cemented. Our lab experts work very hard to ensure that our patients receive their bridges in the perfect shape, in the shortest amount of time.

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