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25 August, 2016

Circumstances That Need Emergency Dental Services

Your teeth are important, and taking care of them is crucial. What happens, though, if you are experiencing pain with a tooth? How do you know […]
18 August, 2016

3 Fun Facts About Teeth

Teeth might not seem like the most interesting thing on the planet, but there’s actually a lot you probably don’t know about your teeth. Shifa Dental, […]
11 August, 2016

What You Need To Know About Cavities

One of the worst things you can hear from your family dentist is that you have a cavity. Cavities are painful, and it’s never fun to […]
4 August, 2016

The Importance Of Flossing

Every time you go to your local dentist. you probably hear that you need to floss more, or hopefully that you’re doing a great job flossing. […]
20 July, 2016

Is It Time To Give Your Toothbrush Some TLC?

We all know that brushing our teeth, tongue, and gums is imperative for good oral health. However, did you know that giving your toothbrush some TLC […]
15 July, 2016

Make Learning Dental Health Habits For Kids Fun

Are your little ones resisting your efforts to teach them proper dental care habits? While it may be possible that simply switching up toothpastes to a […]
10 July, 2016

Do You Know The Signs And Symptoms Of Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease and has several warning signs that can tip you off, but only if you know what the signs […]
5 July, 2016

Do You Know Your Options For Straighter Teeth?

Fixing your teeth alignment issues has never been easier with the dental technology we have today. Here at Shifa Dental, a local Plano dentist office dedicated […]
25 June, 2016

3 Tips For Preventing Tooth Decay

You’ve likely heard about tooth decay in the past from your Plano dentist office or your parents, but how big of a problem is it really? […]
15 June, 2016

Preventative Dental Care From Your Plano Dentist

Here at Shifa Dental, a trusted dentist office in Plano, we’re dedicated to providing the best dental care to our patients. Have you ever heard the […]
1 June, 2016

Welcome To Our Plano Dental Blog

Welcome to our blog! We’re so happy that you’ve found us. Here at Shifa Dental, we’re a Top Rated Local® Plano dentist dedicated to providing our […]
24 March, 2016


Lately there has been an explosion in the number of dental practitioners. Though it is quite unfortunate but only a fraction of the numbers are actually […]
24 March, 2016


Today, statistics show that social media remains the fastest means to reach a larger audience. This is particularly true because of the large number of users […]
20 July, 2018

Oral Health Care for Kids

Oral health care is an integral part of the overall health of a person. Everyone from all ages should be conscious of their oral health. Parents, […]
11 July, 2018

How to Maintain Good Dental Care Habits

Good dental care habits are essential for the health of your teeth and gums and even for your overall health. Cavities, stains, and other dental diseases […]
4 July, 2018

Getting Dentures: The Dos and Don’ts

Dentures are synthetic teeth and gums designed to substitute your missing natural teeth. They let you chew food with ease, improve your smile, and shield the […]
14 June, 2018

Teeth Whitening: Getting Tips from Dentists

Teeth whitening is becoming more and more popular these days. People have given up on whitening their teeth at home and are starting to spend for […]
7 June, 2018

How to Choose the Best Family Dentist

The teeth are a vital part in the human body. That’s why it’s a must for a family to schedule regular visits to their family dentist. […]
31 May, 2018

A Complete Guide in Getting Porcelain Veneers

Getting porcelain veneers is a great way to correct your dental problems. Porcelain veneers are also a great solution for those who want to achieve the […]
25 May, 2018

How to Care for Your Dental Health during Ramadan

Muslims have to deal with the fasting process during Ramadan. This occasion allows people to learn self-restraint from temptations of everyday pleasures and develop self-discipline and […]
19 April, 2018

How Hormone Imbalance Affects Women’s Dental Health

There’s no doubt women go through a lot of changes. One of the most challenging may be menopause because of the reduction of hormones. There are […]
12 April, 2018

How Dental Problems Are Linked To Breast Cancer

One of the most challenging things to deal with for many women is battling breast cancer. This can be a scary time for any female, and […]