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14 July, 2019

Wheatgrass and oral health

While natural methods of oral care have been around since time immemorial, the spotlight is back on some of these products today. And one such rising star […]
12 July, 2019

Does your child suffer from sensitivity to crushed ice and cold drinks?

Treat the sensitivity. Enjoy the summer.            1) Monitor brushing habits. Teach your child to follow a dental regimen that involves brushing twice a day, for […]
9 July, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Fluoride Treatment for Kids

Children’s teeth are very weak and are susceptible to breakage, decay, or infection. That is why your doctor might recommend fluoride varnish treatment when your child […]
3 July, 2019

Why Regular Dental Visits Are Important

Regular dental visits are important, but more and more people are somehow taking it for granted—until the worst happens. Don’t be one of the people who […]
25 June, 2019

Tips for Dealing with Dental Emergencies While Traveling

When traveling, it’s always better to just expect the unexpected. All kinds of unforeseen events can crop up, and dental emergencies are no exception. Thus, it’s […]
27 May, 2019

The Link Between Vitamin Deficiencies and Dental Problems

There are a number of reasons why someone would have dental problems and smoking, drinking, eating sweets, and having poor hygiene are only some of these […]
20 May, 2019

The Health Dangers of Gum Disease

Gum disease, albeit quite common, should not be taken as lightly as most people do. It doesn’t happen quite often, and not too many people are […]
15 May, 2019

Biggest Denture Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you have lost one or most of your teeth, wearing dentures can help restore your confidence and make eating, speaking, and other everyday tasks easier. […]
10 May, 2019

Dental Health Tips for Moms

Moms do a lot of things, and sometimes, they no longer have time to take care of themselves, including their dental health. This article would tackle […]
5 May, 2019

What You Need to Know about Ramadan and Oral Health

Fasting has always been a part of every Muslim’s life. It is one of Islam’s five pillars, and it’s practiced all throughout the month of Ramadan. […]
29 April, 2019

Dental Health Tips During Ramadan

Fasting is one of Islam’s five pillars. Ramadan is a time when Muslims forbid themselves to experience the indulgence of everyday pleasures which includes eating and […]
29 March, 2019

What are Dental Crowns and Tooth Bridges?

A dental bridge is what you need if you have a missing tooth. Your missing tooth can lead to an unwanted gap, which is a troublesome […]
22 March, 2019

Tips for Switching Dentists When You Move

When you change residences, you do not only change your address, but you also have to adapt to the new environment where you will be living. […]
15 March, 2019

How to Find a New Dentist

When moving to another place, one would usually feel a mix of feelings. There’s this feeling of excitement to a new home and to the idea […]
9 March, 2019

How often should you get dental cleaning

Even if you have good oral hygiene habits, it’s still recommended to get professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year. Why you should get dental […]
21 February, 2019

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

Tooth decay damages the outer surface of a tooth caused by a bacteria called plaque. If ignored, the plaque builds up and turns into tartar, which […]
21 February, 2019

5 Reasons Why You Are Developing Cavities

Are you worried because your dentist discovered a cavity on your tooth? You don’t have to worry because there is something you can do to save […]
13 December, 2018

How to Take Care of Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

While pregnancy is an exciting period for most women, it can come with a lot of challenges. Pregnant women experience numerous changes in their bodies including […]
8 December, 2018

How to Prepare for your Root Canal Treatment

You may have been told by your dentist that you will need a root canal treatment or are scheduled for one. Root canal treatment is performed […]
3 December, 2018

How Thumb-Sucking and Pacifiers Affect Your Child’s Oral Health

Babies generally have the tendency to suck their thumb when they sleep or pick anything from the floor and eat it. However, many parents fail to […]
28 September, 2019
Crown and Bridges

How to Find the Right Implant Dentist?

If you think that you can get dental implants just in any dental clinic, that’s a misconception. The kinds of dentists recognized to perform dental implants […]
20 September, 2019

Tips for a Healthy Breakfast and How Nutrition Affects Oral Health

September is Better Breakfast Month, so it’s just about timely to talk about breakfast and how important it is for oral health. A healthy breakfast is […]
14 September, 2019
Hispanic Heritage Month and Oral Health

Hispanic Heritage Month and Oral Health

Americans have this annual celebration called the National Hispanic Heritage Month which is held from 15th of September until 15th of October. In this period, people […]
12 September, 2019
how to enjoy the national ice cream month

How to Enjoy the National Ice Cream Month Without the Pain of Tooth Sensitivity?

Wouldn’t it be sad if you can’t enjoy eating ice cream just because your teeth are just too sensitive? If you’re a victim of this, you’re […]
3 September, 2019

Back-to-School Dental Care Tips

Now that your kids are going back to school soon, it would be a great idea to use this holiday period to improve their dental care […]
18 August, 2019

How Much Do Veneers Cost?

Planning your budget for getting veneers? If so, then you really do have to consider your budget first and see if this is the right time […]
12 August, 2019

Mouth ulcers – causes and cures

Mouth ulcers, otherwise known as canker sores, are one or more sores that develop on the soft tissue of the mouth. The inflamed area around an […]
10 August, 2019
Bad breath in children – reasons and remedies!

Bad breath in children – reasons and remedies!

Whether in children or in adults, foul breath is generally produced by the decay of food particles in teeth and gums by sulphur-producing bacteria. However, there […]
8 August, 2019

How Can Parents Deal with Children’s Dental Anxiety?

If you want your children to have good dental habits, it’s important that we, as parents, make every dentist visit easy and comfortable for them. If […]