1. How Much Do Veneers Cost?

    Planning your budget for getting veneers? If so, then you really do have to consider your budget first and see if this is the right time to get one. For those who are thinking about getting veneers, below is a general guide about how much this dental procedure and appliance cost.   Types of Veneers When getting veneers, note that there are 2 types of it. The porcelain one is more expensive co…Read More

  2. The Link Between Vitamin Deficiencies and Dental Problems

    There are a number of reasons why someone would have dental problems and smoking, drinking, eating sweets, and having poor hygiene are only some of these reasons. Although these problems are quite common, especially for kids, it would still be better to avoid them altogether. However, did you know that lack of vitamins, or vitamin deficiency, can also cause dental problems? Read the list below to …Read More

  3. The Health Dangers of Gum Disease

    Gum disease, albeit quite common, should not be taken as lightly as most people do. It doesn’t happen quite often, and not too many people are aware of it, but gum diseases can actually affect other parts of the body, consequently leading to, or at the very least related with, other problems. Effect of Gum Disease on the Lungs The gums and the lungs are almost connected, seeing as whatever comes…Read More

  4. Biggest Denture Mistakes You Should Avoid

    If you have lost one or most of your teeth, wearing dentures can help restore your confidence and make eating, speaking, and other everyday tasks easier. Dentures are a more affordable alternative to dental implants, but it would require a period of adjustment until you eventually get used to wearing them. Aside from having to deal with the awkward feeling once you first wear them, you must also t…Read More

  5. Dental Health Tips for Moms

    Moms do a lot of things, and sometimes, they no longer have time to take care of themselves, including their dental health. This article would tackle the dental health tips for moms of all ages and generations.   Tips for Expecting Moms and New Moms   This early stage of motherhood almost always guarantees a very few hours of sleep. Lack of sleep results in lower bone health and slower b…Read More

  6. What You Need to Know about Ramadan and Oral Health

    Fasting has always been a part of every Muslim’s life. It is one of Islam’s five pillars, and it’s practiced all throughout the month of Ramadan. During this Holy month, Muslims fast before sunrise until sundown on a daily basis.   Fasting is not just about not eating or drinking anything. Fasting is a self-disciplined activity that restrains oneself from indulging in everyday pleasures…Read More

  7. Dental Health Tips During Ramadan

    Fasting is one of Islam’s five pillars. Ramadan is a time when Muslims forbid themselves to experience the indulgence of everyday pleasures which includes eating and drinking. Muslims submit themselves for fasting to purify their minds and body, making themselves holy.   If you are someone who is considering to practice fasting, here are five simple tips to help you keep healthy:   Eat…Read More

  8. How often should you get dental cleaning

    Even if you have good oral hygiene habits, it’s still recommended to get professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year. Why you should get dental cleaning A professional teeth cleaning does remove bacteria which cause plaque. However, the stubborn bacteria will start to colonize in your mouth again in just 24-48 hours after the procedure. Even if you religiously practice great dental hygiene…Read More

  9. 5 Reasons Why You Are Developing Cavities

    Are you worried because your dentist discovered a cavity on your tooth? You don’t have to worry because there is something you can do to save the other teeth from cavities. First, you need to know what caused the cavity. This can be done by analyzing what you eat and how you take care of your teeth. Below are four primary things you might have done to attract cavities. Eating Acidic Food Your te…Read More

  10. Root Canal

    How to Prepare for your Root Canal Treatment

    You may have been told by your dentist that you will need a root canal treatment or are scheduled for one. Root canal treatment is performed on a tooth that has infection in the soft, interior tissues. It is a procedure that has many similarities to standard restoration like dental crowns or fillings. It involves removing the nerve as well as the pulp, and the inside parts of the tooth will be cle…Read More