Based on the analysis by PayScale, consultants make an average of USD85,000 a year. Of course, the salary rates vary per country. Still, the salary range is impressive – at roughly USD55,000 to USD140,000 annually. Consultancy is an attractive job, but it’s not one that comes easily. Or maybe, that was the case in the past. Thanks to digital platforms, getting into a consulting career is not as hard as climbing the corporate ladder.


In this day and age, anyone who is knowledgeable about a certain subject matter can become a consultant and earn income. One doesn’t have to be hired by a consultancy firm or work for large companies to do so. As an independent expert, here’s how you can launch a phone consulting career.

Get a Phone and Find an App

Getting and giving advice can be done over the phone. To launch your career in consultancy, you can start with your home as your office, a phone in hand, and an app. There are applications that can help you manage freelance work. In phone consulting services, Clarity is the leader in the business. It is a marketplace of over 10,000 self-employed experts of various fields who offer one-on-one or a small-group phone consultation.


Apps like Clarity help manage the usual hassles of setting up a coaching-by-phone program. By using such services, you will be able to avoid inconveniences such as in booking or charging consultation fees. There are also spaces for reviews which help you attract new clients.


Apps have been optimized to allow flexibility in the delivery of services. With Clarity, for instance, you can invite up to eight people to join the call.

Create an Attractive Profile

Because platforms like Clarity are essentially marketplaces, you need to market yourself properly to attract clients. Here are some tips:


  • Create a trustworthy image.

When you set up an account on consulting platforms, your whole profile will be reduced to a photo and a brief description. Make it count. Maybe, adding a friendly profile photo could help. Indicating your social network accounts may also induce trust. It will make your profile verifiable.


  • Make your profile description relevant.

Write down your fields of expertise and make them relevant to the times. You can add brief success stories to help paint a picture of what you can do as a consultant to your clients’ businesses.


  • Set a reasonable rate.

Clarity suggests that you divide your annual salary by 2,000 – the number of working hours per year. That will give you an idea of a fair hourly rate without overwhelming potential clients.

Gather Initial Reviews

Having initial reviews help direct traffic into your profile, but there’s a trick. Your first calls don’t have to be with strangers. They could be with people you have already been advising. You can also ask reviews from people you have already helped in person.


Other independent consultants also offer free calls at first. The key is to get solid reviews to drive leads.


Consultation services for businesses are in demand. As a person who is an expert on something, you can help fulfill this demand through a phone consulting business. Fortunately, in this age, there are apps to help you launch and manage this career. All you have to do is strategize well so that you can give the best service possible.