Every time you go to your local dentist. you probably hear that you need to floss more, or hopefully that you’re doing a great job flossing. What exactly is flossing? What are the benefits of flossing? Your family dentist tells you all the time that you need to floss more, but what does flossing prevent? At Shifa Dental, a dentist for children and adults in Plano, TX, we are committed to maintaining that perfect smile that you’re always complimented on. Today, we want to tell you a little about flossing, so you understand how important it really is.

Dental Care: Flossing

At Shifa Dental, we highlight the importance of flossing. Flossing is cleaning between one’s teeth to remove all of the food particles and clean in those hard to reach places. Flossing also removes plaque from between the teeth. The plaque will lead to tooth decay or gum disease if not taken care of properly. Flossing is also good for the gums and helps to keep them clean.

Flossing Properly

Yes, there is a right way to floss and a wrong way to floss. The right way to floss is getting in between all of your teeth, even those back ones, and doing it gently. If your gums begin to bleed then that means you don’t floss as much as you should, but remember to do it gently, you don’t want to hurt yourself. Avoid injuring your gums when flossing and removing the plaque off your teeth is your goal. Use dental floss or tiny brushes to reach those far back teeth; a water flosser is also really useful. Remember to use a long piece so you’re able to hold onto the floss, make a C against your tooth to fully get around each one. If you’re still unsure on how to floss correctly, be sure to ask your family dentist to show you.


Benefits of Flossing

Floss is designed to get in between each tooth and the gap between the gums and the tooth. There are many benefits to flossing, and due to extensive research in health, it’s shown that going to your local dentist and maintaining your oral hygiene is linked to taking care of the rest of you. One benefit of flossing is that it protects the gums. Tiny pieces of food can get lodged in between your teeth and gums, which in addition to cavities, may also lead to gingivitis. Floss can remove the food and plaque that brushing is unable to reach. Another benefit of flossing is that in the long run, it can save you money. Dental care has been linked to other medical problems that can happen later in life. For instance, if you have an infected tooth and it’s not taken care of, it can lead to swelling and a further infection that will cause medical problems down the road.

Flossing is very important, so remember to listen to your local dentist, Shifa Dental, located in Plano, TX. We are a family dentist that is committed to maintaining your oral health. Contact us today for dental care.