If you are feeling an unbearable toothache and you are faced with the dilemma of losing your teeth, root canal treatment is the best solution your dentist can offer. Here are the things you need to know before you set up your dental appointment for a root canal treatment.


What is a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment is a procedure performed to relieve dental pain caused by the infection or inflammation in tooth roots. It is usually recommended if the tooth is broken or infected but can be restored. During the procedure, the infected area of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected. The procedure ends by putting a filling inside the tooth and sealing it.


When is a Root Canal Treatment Recommended?

The common scenarios damaging the pulp are broken tooth, cavity, and repetitive tooth treatment resulting in trauma. Tooth pain that shows signs of infection can also be an indication that a root canal treatment is needed.


How is it performed?

A root canal treatment is a step-by-step process that ensures the safety and comfort of the patient. Here is a summary of the steps:

  • The endodontist will perform an x-ray to determine the extent of the tooth damage.
  • Local anesthesia is injected into the affected area to numb the tooth from feeling any pain during the procedure. The local anesthesia will help the patient relax.
  • The tooth should also be kept dry, so a rubber dam is placed around the tooth.
  • The endodontist drills an opening into the tooth and removes the dead nerves and damaged pulps.
  • Once all the dead nerves and damaged pulps are removed, the endodontist seals the tooth. In some instances, patients may be required to set up another appointment to continue the treatment if the damage is severe. A temporary filling is placed to avoid infection and pain.


There are immeasurable sensible reasons why choosing to save the natural tooth is the best choice. Root canal treatment helps maintain a natural-looking smile, allows you to eat the foods you love and limits dental visits. If proper care is given, like in root canal in Plano, the treatment offers a lifetime benefit.