1. Professional Teeth Whitening

    Disadvantages of At-Home Teeth Whitening

    Everyone wants a whiter, brighter smile, but not everyone knows how to go about getting one. There are a myriad of at-home teeth whitening kits available online, in stores, and even from your dentist. There’s also the whitening process your dentist uses in his or her office to help improve the overall color of your teeth. If you choose to whiten your teeth, you want to know the pros and cons ass…Read More

  2. Having a cavity hurts

    11 Reasons To Why You Are Suddenly Getting Cavities

    Imagine this: You are forty-five years old with a beautiful white smile and everyone envies you because you have never gotten a cavity. However, one day while going about your daily routine, you experience an unfamiliar pain in one of your back teeth. You decide to get a dental check-up and "Oh no!" Your dentist, who has commended you for years on excellent healthy teeth, informs you that you have…Read More

  3. Diseases Linked To Poor Oral Health

    Having good oral health has been linked to many diseases that can harm your entire body. By establishing good oral hygiene habits, you can prevent getting certain diseases. At Shifa Dental, a dentist office in Plano, TX, we urge you to see the dentist regularly to avoid getting diseases that are impossible to treat. Disease You Can Prevent If you brush, floss, and visit the doctor regularly, you c…Read More

  4. Why You Need To Go To The Dentist Part Two

    If you read Why You Need To Go To The Dentist Part One, then you have already read about the diseases you are liable to get if you don’t go to the dentist. If you haven’t read about the oral diseases you are able to develop, then please take a moment to read that blog post first. At Shifa Dental, located in Plano, TX, we encourage you to regularly go to a dental office to see your family denti…Read More

  5. Why You Need To Go To The Dentist Part One

    Most people aren’t fond of going to the dentist, but like most things in life, we have to do things we aren’t always happy doing. Going to the dentist is one of those necessary things we have to take part in to ensure that our health is the best it can be. At Shifa Dental, a dentist office in Plano, TX, we want to share why it’s important to go to the dentist. If you aren’t fond of going, …Read More

  6. Circumstances That Need Emergency Dental Services

    Your teeth are important, and taking care of them is crucial. What happens, though, if you are experiencing pain with a tooth? How do you know when you should go to the dentist or if you are experiencing an emergency dental care situation? At Shifa Dental, a dentist office located in Plano, TX, we do emergency dental services. If you are experiencing pain or an incident occurred that you need dent…Read More

  7. 3 Fun Facts About Teeth

    Teeth might not seem like the most interesting thing on the planet, but there’s actually a lot you probably don’t know about your teeth. Shifa Dental, a dentist office located in Plano, TX, wants to share some fun facts about taking care of your teeth. Shifa Dental is a family dentist who offers many different services to make sure your dental care is the best it can be. Check out Shifa Dental…Read More

  8. What You Need To Know About Cavities

    One of the worst things you can hear from your family dentist is that you have a cavity. Cavities are painful, and it’s never fun to hear that you haven’t taken very good of care of your teeth. Shifa Dental, a dentist office located in Plano, TX, wants to help you have the best dental care possible. We want you to avoid cavities and maintain those pearly whites you’re so proud of. We are a f…Read More

  9. The Importance Of Flossing

    Every time you go to your local dentist. you probably hear that you need to floss more, or hopefully that you’re doing a great job flossing. What exactly is flossing? What are the benefits of flossing? Your family dentist tells you all the time that you need to floss more, but what does flossing prevent? At Shifa Dental, a dentist for children and adults in Plano, TX, we are committed to maintai…Read More

  10. Is It Time To Give Your Toothbrush Some TLC?

    We all know that brushing our teeth, tongue, and gums is imperative for good oral health. However, did you know that giving your toothbrush some TLC is also quite important? It’s true. Your mouth is home to hundreds of different microorganisms, and these microorganisms can be transferred to your toothbrush. Tips For Giving Your Toothbrush Some Tender Loving Care Your local Plano dentist office i…Read More