1. How Much Do Veneers Cost?

    Planning your budget for getting veneers? If so, then you really do have to consider your budget first and see if this is the right time to get one. For those who are thinking about getting veneers, below is a general guide about how much this dental procedure and appliance cost.   Types of Veneers When getting veneers, note that there are 2 types of it. The porcelain one is more expensive co…Read More

  2. Mouth ulcers – causes and cures

    Mouth ulcers, otherwise known as canker sores, are one or more sores that develop on the soft tissue of the mouth. The inflamed area around an ulcer can interfere with brushing or chewing, and the sores might take a while to heal. However, mouth ulcers are generally benign in nature. Causes One or more of the following factors can precipitate ulcers Physical trauma from biting, burns from hot food…Read More

  3. Bad breath in children – reasons and remedies!

    Whether in children or in adults, foul breath is generally produced by the decay of food particles in teeth and gums by sulphur-producing bacteria. However, there are several additional reasons that may exacerbate halitosis particularly in children - Reasons Poor dental hygiene: An inappropriate brushing and flossing routine allows remnants of food to linger in the mouth and form plaque, which enc…Read More

  4. How Can Parents Deal with Children’s Dental Anxiety?

    If you want your children to have good dental habits, it’s important that we, as parents, make every dentist visit easy and comfortable for them. If your children are afraid of the dentist, it’s only normal for them to feel apprehensive. But if you want to ease this discomfort sooner, you have to do something about it. Luckily, there are simple yet effective ways to do so.     Choose…Read More

  5. Green tea pulling – does it work?

    Green tea is a beverage that packs a punch for many reasons. Apart from its mellow flavor and numerous other health benefits, new research suggests that green tea pulling helps maintain oral health too. Defends against caries: Fresh leaves of green tea come packed with protective polyphenols, known deterrents of the harmful microbes S. mutans and S. sobrinus. Swishing your mouth with green tea br…Read More

  6. How to Enjoy the National Ice Cream Month Without the Pain of Tooth Sensitivity?

    Wouldn’t it be sad if you can’t enjoy eating ice cream just because your teeth are just too sensitive? If you’re a victim of this, you’re not alone. This is a normal occurrence. Luckily, there is something that we can do about this. To reduce sensitivities, follow these tips:     Don’t Brush Too Hard Make a habit of brushing your teeth gently. This is because hard brushing can …Read More

  7. Wheatgrass and oral health

    While natural methods of oral care have been around since time immemorial, the spotlight is back on some of these products today. And one such rising star would be the magical mouthwash formula that is wheatgrass juice, whose advantages in the area of dental health are multi-fold! Prevents dental cavities Wheatgrass is an excellent source of chlorophyll, a chemo-protein that destroys harmful bact…Read More

  8. Does your child suffer from sensitivity to crushed ice and cold drinks?

    Treat the sensitivity. Enjoy the summer.            1) Monitor brushing habits. Teach your child to follow a dental regimen that involves brushing twice a day, for a full two minutes, using consistently gentle strokes with soft-bristled brushes. 2) Brush with desensitizing paste. Desensitizing pastes are a recommended means to help manage pain till the sensitivity clears. The specialized…Read More

  9. Everything You Need to Know About Fluoride Treatment for Kids

    Children’s teeth are very weak and are susceptible to breakage, decay, or infection. That is why your doctor might recommend fluoride varnish treatment when your child starts to develop teeth. Many parents are skeptical of this type of treatment and shy away from it. To keep you at ease, here is a brief snippet of basic fluoride treatment in children. What is fluoride and fluoride treatment? Flu…Read More

  10. Why Regular Dental Visits Are Important

    Regular dental visits are important, but more and more people are somehow taking it for granted—until the worst happens. Don’t be one of the people who neglect and regret. Follow the advice when the dentist recommends regular check-ups every six months. You might think that the process is tiring and a waste of money and time, but a checkup can reveal a lot of hidden issues and can prevent thin…Read More