1. Ramadan and Oral Health: Get to Know About it

    Ramadan takes place in the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. It is considered the month of fasting for those following the Muslim religion. Fasting is considered one of Islam’s five pillars and during the Holy month Muslims will fast each day from dawn to sunset. This means Muslims abstain from smoking, drinking, eating and any other physical needs during this time. As a result, many p…Read More

  2. Is Dental Care Allowed During Ramadan?

    During the month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast throughout the day, many are concerned with their oral health. Because some consider toothpaste and mouthwash as unacceptable to use during this time, they are worried about other issues developing. However, the good news is, there are some tips that can help you make it through this period without damaging your oral health. Bad Breath and Ramadan Wh…Read More

  3. 5 Tips for Maintaining Oral Health During Ramadan

    If you are fasting during Ramadan, then it is a time to exercise self-control and self-discipline. However, you don’t need to neglect your oral health. While there are some who believe using toothpaste and mouthwash will nullify the fast, there are some tips that can help you maintain oral health during this period. Brush After Iftaar and Suhoor Meals During Ramadan, there are two meals during …Read More

  4. Restorative Dentistry can Restore that Priceless Smile

    When you seek restorative dentistry procedures in Plano, TX you are having treatments done that help to improve the appearance and function of your teeth. While many dentists offer these types of services, there are some people who are still unaware of what restorative dentistry actually is. Learning more about the procedures can help you see how beneficial it can be. Fillings One of the most com…Read More

  5. Dental Problems Solved by Modern Dentistry

    Over the years, technology and new inventions have helped many industries develop new techniques and practices. One industry that wasn’t left out of these innovative discoveries was the field of dentistry. Today, modern dentistry procedures in Plano, TX provide patients with quality and effective services to restore virtually any dental problems they may have. Some of the most common and popula…Read More

  6. Family Dentistry – Meeting the Oral Health Care of the Entire Family

    Just like other healthcare providers, it is crucial to find a quality family dentist that you can trust to handle your loved one's oral health needs. As a parent, you need superior services from the family dentistry office in Plano, TX you choose, as well as a family friendly atmosphere. This can present quite a challenge. The good news is, there are a few tips you can use to help you make this a…Read More

  7. 5 Ways to Choose the Best Dentist

    Are you searching for a new dentist in Plano, TX? Regardless of if you have just moved to a new area, or are simply unsatisfied with your current oral health provider, finding a new one can present quite the challenge. In these situations, it is best to be armed with information and a process. This will help ensure you choose the best dentist for your oral health needs. If you are ready to get st…Read More

  8. Don’t Fear the Dentist – Beat Your Dental Anxiety

    It’s no big secret – there are quite a few people who don’t like going to the dentist in Plano, TX. Regardless of if you are nervous about the sharp tools being used in the mouth, or just a general fear of the unknown, dental anxiety can keep you from getting a routine checkup or even scheduling an appointment. However, if this problem of dental anxiety continues to be neglected, it is a si…Read More

  9. Things to Look for When Choosing a Dentist Near You

    If you are searching for a new dentist near you in Plano, TX, you may wonder how to begin the process. After all, there are more than a few options to choose from. The good news is, there are a few tips you can use to help ensure you find the right dentist for your needs. Considering the factors here will help ensure you are satisfied with the quality of care you receive. Consider their Office Lo…Read More

  10. Dental Clinics – How to Know They are Good

    If you are hunting for a quality dental clinic in Plano, TX, you likely know how challenging of a search this can be. After all, there are more than a few options in the area, which means that you have to narrow them down to find the one that is best suited to your needs. When searching for dental clinics make sure to consider the following factors. Doing so will help ensure you find the right se…Read More